Hacienda La Trinidad

Ye´kwana Original Instruments

Secadero_Uno showed a selection of objects called “Ye’kwana Weapons and Banks”. The ye´kwana are located in the Amazon state of Brazil and in Venezuela; Bolívar and Amazonas, mainly in the upper Caura, Erebato and Nichare rivers; the upper Ventuari and the Parú and Cuminá rivers.

Photos by Julio Osorio @julio_osorio_fotografia

To accompany the history of these objects, a sound sample was made under “Samán” in front of the venue, where the spectators managed to connect the sounds, stories and colors of those places where these objects and instruments are born.

Ye´kwana Original Objects and Instruments

Samburá – Drum
Colección privada AC NILO
hanawkwa – Caracol
Wichu – Flute
Madaka – Maraca
Colección privada AC NILO
Kawadi dejé – Deer warm flute
Teeke´ya wanna – Bamboo Clarinet
Colección privada AC NILO
Waha – Basketry Ye´kwana
Colección Secadero Uno
Mude – Bench Ye´kwana
Colección Secadero Uno
Kodedo – Morrocoy shell
Colección privada AC NILO