From Wanai to mapoyo,

there is a lot of history.

The current Mapoyo people who live in the "Palomo Community" in the Bolivar state in southern Venezuela speak of a tradition hardened from its roots.

The weather turned out to be changeable for its inhabitants to the point that their ancestral traditions practically disappeared.

Currently, they have joined their voice as a community to strengthen their native language “WANAI” and part of their customs, some of them remain, such as the construction of the roof of the traditional house, or the fishing and hunting of some species allowed among them.

Mapoyo Traditional House

Also children’s games, which turned out to be part of an ancestral ritual or celebration where they build

the “Te´rua” or whistle, which is traditionally armed with the leaf of a “Cucurito” palm.

Then they form a circle and play it randomly while dancing

The adaptation in the home is the "Warihi". It is the collection of the inflorescence of the palm of the "Cucurito" that resembles the tail of the palm bear.

It is used as a broom for cleaning the house.

For their food sustenance they use the "Wayari Takiniri", in our language "The Whistle of the Danta".

This is the whistle they use to approach and manage to hunt the Danta.

With all these elements, plus living for a week and obtaining audio records that date back more than 40 years, I managed to create a composition that is used in his Murükuní Mapoyo Community Museum to strengthen his ancestral memory.

This sound experience begins with the most original to the present.

For a better experience.

Wear headphones

Mapoyo Ancestral Memory

Sounds from characteristic places such as the energy of the “Cerro Palomo”, the purity of the lagoon near the Orinoco River and the particular sound of the savanna pigeons, swallows and toucans were captured.