The sound of a tradition of teaching.


In the last years of physical life of Salvador Montiel, I was able to listen to him tell me many of his experiences.

Salvador, one of the most important exponents

of the Wayuu community in Venezuela,

gave his entire life to the Wayuu,

spreading their traditions and sounds.

Washe had the opportunity to pay a deserved

living tribute by the grouping Etnoe3

and supported by the British Council, Maczul

and Black Point animations with Max Hattler

in the city of Maracaibo.

After several months,

Salvador left to Jepirá

Where he rests. A month later, his family invited us to participate

in a Wayuu post mortem ritual, where we shared with them

from "Yonna" dance traditions and clothing to food:

food is an important part in any ritual.

That was a day of experiences in the lands

of Salvador Montiel and the Wayuu.

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