The Wanai to Mapoyo: there is a lot of history.



The current Mapoyo people who live in the "Community Palomo"

in Bolivar state south of Venezuela speak

of a fierce tradition of its roots.



The times turned out to be changing

for its inhabitants to the extent

that virtually their ancestral

traditions disappeared.

Currently, they have joined voices as a community

to strengthen their native language "Wanai"

and part of their customs, which some

of them remain, such as the roof

construction of traditional

housing, wave fishing and the hunting

of some species allowed between them.

Also, children's games, which turned out to be part

of an ancestral ritual or celebration where

they build the "Te'rua" or whistle,

which is traditionally armed with

a palm leaf "cucurito".


Then they form a circle and randomly

play as they dance.

Adapted housing is the "Warihi". It is the collection of palm inflorescence "cucurito"

that resembles the tail

of the anteater.


It is used as a brush for grooming housing.

For their nourishing sustenance

they use the "Wayari Takiniri", in our language "EI Silbato Danta."

This is the whistle that used to attract

and achieve the hunt of the Danta.

With all these elements, plus live for a week and get audio records dating back more

than 40 years, I managed to make a composition that is used

in its  Murükuní Mapoyo Community Museum

to strenghten their ancestral memory.

This sound experience has a native beginning

and ends very actual.

For a better experience.

use headphones

Mapoyo Ancestral Memory

Se capturaron sonoridades de lugares característicos como la energía

del “Cerro Palomo”, la pureza de la Laguna cercana al Río Orinoco

y el sonido particular de las palomas sabaneras, golondrinas y tucanes.

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