Washe, since its inception, has worked in the rescue and repositioning

of the ancestral traditions of the indigenous peoples of Venezuela.

This research has been intellectually sponsored and supervised by a number

of renowned anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, writers, photographers, foundations, ministries and musicians in the academic areas.

Also, Washé himself has personal y lived through experiences with indigenous communities in Venezuela.



Photo: Chuo, speaker Mapoyo. Marie-Clau Mattei y Carlos Conde (Washé)

These experiences already cover much of the Venezuelan territory, working

from the east along the "Pemon" community, the northwest with the "Wayuu,

Yukpa and Barí" and south of Venezuela with a number of indigenous peoples

as Piaroa ( Wotjuja), Ye'kuana (Makiritare), Mapoyo (Wanai), Warekena,

Kurripaco, Jiwi, among others. The result: a new vision of Venezuelan

ancient sounds and the rescue of cultural wealth.

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use headphones

All these ancient traditions are amalgamated with visual elements,

the quaintness of the original instruments and techniques that ambient ongoing sound episodes.


Uniting these worlds, the ancestral

and modern technology, Washé is able

to transmit sensory experiences close

to the ancestral essence of our Venezuelan indigenous peoples.

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