The sound of Washe is based on the origin of the ancestral instruments acquired through travels, proximity to anthropologists and researchers,

purchases of books and sound: experimenting

with design inspired by the original

instruments and replicating its sound,

but adapting them to contemporary

scales with traditional elements

in the musical genre

or everyday implements.

After more than 10 years

of experimental work

it has generated a series

of acoustic and electro-acoustic sounds in

the families of ideophones, membranophones, string instruments and wind instruments in ancient and contemporary instruments.

These instruments have been worked segmented,

while respecting the sound, ideology and technique

of execution of each indigenous people.

Through experience and knowledge of ancestral traditions performances with live electronics, musical passages that represent these sounds

and feel of the indigenous community

in Venezuela is completed.

Instrumentos no originarios que complementan la investigación:

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